Best Winning Roulette Systems

wildest-roulette-systemsIt’s impossible to devise a completely reliable system for a game of pure chance like roulette. However, this hasn’t stopped mathematicians and lifelong gambling enthusiasts from creating complex and inventive systems to increase their chances of victory. We’ve created a list of some of the weirdest and wildest systems! Why not try one out the next time you’re gambling online?

1. The Fibonacci – Most Successful Roulette System

The Fibonacci sequence commonly occurs in nature. Each number in the sequence is obtained by adding the two previous numbers. So the first and second numbers in the sequence are both 1, the third is 2, the fourth is 3, the fifth is 5, and so on. In roulette, the Fibonacci system uses this sequence as a guide to how many ‘units’ (one unit is equal to your original bet) you should gamble on bets with an equal chance of winning or losing. Each time you lose a bet, you should move one number along the Fibonacci sequence and bet the equivalent number of units. Every time you win a bet, however, you should go back to the start of the sequence. The greatest advantage of the Fibonacci system is that you don’t have to start wagering large amounts until you’ve progressed quite far along it, but it still offers you an increased chance of winning.

2. The Tier et Tout -Roulette Systems That Work Perfect

This system was created by the famous gambler Thomas Garcia. In the Tier et Tout system, you start off with an amount of money that can easily be divided by three. You should place one third of that amount on your first bet (which should be a bet with even chances of succeeding or failing – for example, a red or black bet). If you lose, you should then place the remaining two thirds on the next bet. If you win one of these two bets, you should add your winnings to the initial amount and repeat the process. With the Tier et Tout system, you can win large amounts of money very quickly. However, if you experience two losses in a row, you will lose all the money you started with along with all your winnings.

3. The Kavouras system –  Best Roulette System Ever

The Kavouras system treats the chaotic nature of the roulette wheel as a potential advantage. The system requires you to place a large number of small bets on different numbers that appear all around the wheel. You should place about 20 small bets. If you lose, you should bet on the same numbers again, but slightly increase the size of the bet to make up for your earlier loss. Because you are placing so many bets, you have a high chance of winning provided you consistently bet on the same numbers. The chaotic nature of the roulette wheel means that the winning number should eventually coincide with one of your bets.

Online roulette games often allow you to bet lower amounts than roulette games in physical casinos. So gambling online is the perfect way to try out different systems and decide if any of them appeal to you. After all, you don’t want to risk too much on an untested system!

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