Play Keno Online for Cash? – Get best online keno strategies!

online keno

While winning big at keno will certainly require a large slice of luck, there are strategies you can apply when playing keno in a microgaming no deposit casino that will fortify your chances of success. Try some of these tips for the smart keno player.

1. Shop around the casinos

Keno is a much more profitable game to play online than in a real-life casino, as the pay-out percentages are generally far higher. That does not mean all web casinos are equal, so you need to shop around to find the best one for you. Here at NetBet, we collect information on all the best no deposit microgaming casinos. Take a look through our list and find the ones with the best pay-outs and bonuses.

2. Start with a few free games

Most sites will allow you to play for free and this is a good way to start, even if you have played real-life keno before. It will help you get used to the online interface and the different pace of playing on the web before you start putting money down.

3. Pick no more than six numbers and play online keno for real money.

New players make the mistake of thinking the more numbers they pick, the better their chances of winning. Actually, your odds decrease the more numbers you cover. On the other hand, the more numbers you pick, the bigger the potential jackpot. With all this in mind, picking six numbers represents a pretty good balance.

4. Make life easier with a multi-race card

Many microgaming sites will offer you the ability to utilise a multi-race card feature. This means you only need to select your numbers once and can then repeat that selection as you play. So, if you have lucky numbers that you like to pick, this saves the hassle of re-entering on every turn.

5. Keno is random, but you don’t have to be

If you are planning on playing your lucky numbers, we strongly advise for your own sanity to stay consistent. While, yes, all the numbers are randomly generated, we’ve heard plenty of horror stories from players whose lucky numbers never came up other than the one time they decided to play a different sequence.

Keno can be one of the most lucrative online games. Make sure you find a good site for no deposit microgaming here at NetBet if you want to give it a try.

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