Why online roulette for real money is fairer than physical roulette

Online rouletteLive Roulette online is a truly random game; it is governed only by the mathematical laws of probability and isn’t affected by any human agency, or is it? You might reasonably expect a spinning roulette wheel to produce completely random outcomes, but a physical roulette wheel can be affected by many factors that make it less unpredictable. If the croupier has been spinning a particular wheel for a large part of their career, they are likely to put the same amount of force into each spin due to the effects of muscle memory. As a result, the ball may end up in a particular section of the wheel over and over again. Subtle imperfections in the structure of a roulette wheel can also unintentionally prejudice the outcome of each spin.

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But why is this bad for players? Many roulette systems – such the Martingale and Fibonacci systems – depend on the roulette wheel strictly obeying pure mathematical rules to give the player an edge. If the roulette wheel is affected by forces other than probability, these systems become less reliable. All roulette systems assume that the roulette wheel is unbiased, so the more biased the wheel is, the less useful your system becomes. To make matters worse, while the bias in a physical roulette wheel can affect systems negatively, it is not focused enough to permit players to accurately predict results and place bets.

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Luckily, there is one type of roulette where the wheel truly is unbiased: online roulette! In online roulette, the wheel is simply an animated digital image and the outcome of each spin is decided by a random number generator. Online roulette games are not affected by factors that might prejudice a physical wheel towards particular results.

Because online roulette games are truly unbiased, gambling systems will give you a greater advantage when playing online than in a physical casino. If you use systems when you gamble, the best place to put them into practice is in online casinos.

It seems that if you want to play an unbiased game of roulette, you’re always better off gambling online! Just remember to choose an online casino that uses reputable gaming software, such as Playtech or Microgaming software.

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